Friday, August 7, 2020


 In this day and age, we have learnt to live life intentionally. Its not a new thing anymore that we need to check what we eat, what we drink and how we live  day to day. Im very certain that in the next 5 years, most children and even adults will soon head to the optometrist for glasses because of the constant use of the laptop, phones and ipads. We call it the new world...... 

The phones we see as a means of communication is one of the major health threat in few years to come. 

Remember... Your ears are in danger. ENT doctors will soon be the hot cakes.

 Your eyes are already feeling the effect, optometrists are warming up. You dont sleep well anymore because you are always on the phone. sedatives loading..... 

How about studying the word of God? 

Be intentional about your health and how long you spend on those gadgets. What to do????? 

simple.... Be intentional about your health.


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