Thursday, July 16, 2020


 Sometimes we are still afraid to trust and depend on God totally for direction, for instruction, for leading on what to do, who to marry etc. We feel like we can still try out things by ourselves if it will work.

 God said in his word in Isaiah 55 verse 8 -9. His thoughts are not our thoughts neither his ways our ways. As the heavens are far away from the earth, so are his ways and his thoughts higher than ours.

 This word is enough to let us know that even before we are making the plans, hes aware and he knows what is best for us. Yes, we make our plans but God has the last word proverbs 19 v 9.

 So what else do we need? It is time for us to ask the lord, to TAKE OVER..... God knows the best for you. Everything you have right now, he gave.

 Everything you will need its still what he will give you. JESUS TAKE OVER our lives, let the world receive you and trust in you to lead us.

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